100% Made in France society. Based in Paris.

Everyday for almost 4 years, Living Parisian takes a challenge: becoming the French leader in new technologies for tourist accomodations.


A few figures

A few figures to understand how it feels to work at Living Parisian


Average age

Living Parisian is a team of young passionnate developers. It is a dynamic and experienced team using many technical skills.

50 416

code lines

The amount of code lines in our channel manager. It is a lot but what it takes to offer you excellence.



It is the number of beta versions we have used before launching our product.


single company

We are independent and owe only to ourselves. We are proud of our financial freedom and of our equity.

15 000


It is the total number of properties managed with our platform. Thank you for your trust.


our number

More than the great answer about life, the universe and the rest, it is most of all our lucky number.